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Equity Release Loans, also known as Lifetime Mortgages, allow homeowners to release a portion of the equity tied up in their property. The loan is repaid, along with accumulated interest, when the homeowner passes away or moves into long-term care. This enables individuals to access funds without selling their property, providing financial stability during retirement or other life stages.

Equity Release Loans are typically available to homeowners over a certain age, usually 55 or older. The loan amount is determined by factors such as the homeowner’s age, property value, and any outstanding mortgage. Our expert advisors can help assess your eligibility and guide you through the process of obtaining an Equity Release Loan.

Yes, you will still own your home when you take out an Equity Release Loan. These loans are designed to allow you to remain in your property for as long as you wish. The loan is repaid from the sale of the property when you move out or pass away. This provides you with the peace of mind of living in your home while accessing the value it holds.

The amount you can borrow through an Equity Release Loan depends on factors such as your age, property value, and the equity available in your home. Generally, the older you are and the higher your property value, the more you can borrow. Our advisors will work with you to determine a suitable borrowing amount based on your unique circumstances.

Yes, many Equity Release Loans offer the option to repay the loan early, although there may be early repayment charges. Some plans also offer flexible repayment options, allowing you to make voluntary repayments to reduce the outstanding balance and the accumulated interest. It’s important to review the terms of the loan with our advisors to understand your repayment options.

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